Capsule8 Console Docs
Capsule8 Console Docs

Getting the application via Debian/Ubuntu package

Capsule8 maintains an external package repository where deb packages are managed so that any user with an access token can install the correct packages for their system.

Access token

A read only token is used to authenticate with Capsule8’s repository host, PackageCloud. Access tokens are alpha numeric strings with no punctuation (eg. abcdef012314f29dc850878c6747b70f5b3ff01234567891092f0).

Adding the repository

The following example is run locally with the access token abcdef012314f29dc850878c6747b70f5b3ff01234567891092f0 on a Debian-based operating system (like Debian or Ubuntu).

curl -s | sudo bash

Install packages

Once the local system is updated to pull Capsule8’s packages, they can be installed using the system’s native package installer.

Providing a Console version is optional. The most recent version available will be installed by default.

Here is an example of installing the Capsule8 Console version 4.0.0:

sudo apt-get install capsule8-console-systemd=4.0.0