Capsule8 Console Docs
Capsule8 Console Docs


Common Issues

Console loads but no alerts show up without a refresh

The frontend value in the Console configuration is not set up correctly. Make sure the base URL (including the protocol prefix: https:// or http://) you are visiting in the browser is the same as the frontend value in the Console configuration. Restart the Console after modifying this value for the change to take effect.

Bug reports

Contact your Capsule8 rep if you encounter a bug.

When submitting a bug report, please include the following:

  • Console version (e.g. 4.0.1)
  • Browser (e.g. Chrome)
    • Please include a screenshot of the Console running, including the address bar
  • Full output of Console service logs
    • With Kubernetes: kubectl logs po/<console-pod> -c capsule8-console
    • With systemd: journalctl -efu capsule8-console
    • With sysv: tail -f /var/log/capsule8/console.log
    • With upstart: tail -f /var/log/capsule8-console.log
  • Console compute environment (e.g. CentOS7 on EC2, Debian 8 on VirtualBox)

It will also help us to have the same information on the Sensor and its environment:

  • Sensor version
  • Full output of Sensor service logs
  • Sensor compute environment

Debug mode

You can enable debug mode by setting the environment variable CAPSULE8_DEBUG=true or by adding debug: true to the top of /etc/capsule8/capsule8-console.yaml. Restart the Console for this to take effect.