Capsule8 Console Docs
Capsule8 Console Docs

Controlling the Capsule8 Sensor from the Console


  • Capsule8 Sensor version 4.1.1+
  • Capsule8 Console version 4.1.0+


Using policy_input will ignore any configuration in /etc/capsule8/capsule8-analytics.yaml.

How to enable

  1. Set CAPSULE8_CONSOLE_POLICY_CONFIG_ENABLED in the console deployment to true

  2. Get a 10 year token from the console. There are two ways to do this:

    • Generate a token on the command line capsule8-console generate-token --host
    • With CAPSULE8_CONSOLE_ALERT_BLOB_STORAGE_ENABLED set to false, click the “Add Host” button on <console-url>/app/hosts
  3. Edit /etc/capsule8/capsule8-sensor.yaml

  url: <http|https>://<console-url>/policy/via-metadata
    Authorization: "BEARER <token>"

How to control a sensor

  1. Under the “Hosts” page <console-url>/app/hosts, click on a host you would like to control the sensor for.

  2. You can find additional information about the sensor and control it from the “Sensor” section.

  • Here you can click on the toggle to enable or disable the sensor. Disabling a sensor puts it is in a dormant state – it stops pushing policies to the sensor and stops alerting.

  • In order to restart the sensor, click on the “Restart Sensor” button.